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The BQFF International Short Film Competition brings the world’s best queer shorts to Bendigo with two programs of cinematic delights – Drama & Narrative Comedy and Documentary & Stories From Life. The winner of the BQFF Short Film Award will be announced at the end of the second session.

2pm True Stories and Documentary

Part one of the Bendigo Queer Film Festival International Short Film Competition featuring documentaries and films based on true life stories. Here are films created from the real life experiences of LGBTIQ+ people from around the world.

The Perpetrators Director: Richard Squires UK
A collage of moody analogue film, original animation and archival materials that exposes the history of pathological representations of menacing queers.

The Butch and the Baby Daddy Directors: Karleen Pendleton Jiménez, Barb Taylor Canada
Alex has wanted to have a baby almost as long as she can remember. But how is a trans/butch lesbian supposed to get sperm? When she considers asking Mateo, a close gay friend of hers, Alex is forced to investigate what she really values.

Laughter Club Director: Adam Ciancio Australia
Laughter Club is a staged fictional documentary about people with physical disabilities who work in alternative jobs, and focuses on Oscar, an editor with cerebral palsy.

SOAK Director: Desdemona Dallas USA
In a series of interviews ‘Soak’ uses moving and still images to explore masculinity through a queer lens.

SAY IT – AN AUTOFICTION Director: Evandro Manchini Brazil
A young filmmaker deals with the complexity of receiving an HIV-positive diagnosis on his birthday. Mixing performance and documentary narrative, this film explores the fight for the dignity of life.

The Microcosm Director: Joe Ingham UK
London, 1966. The Gateways club offers a safe haven for women to dance, express themselves and love who they want. Maureen Duffy’s ode to London’s first and infamous lesbian hang out is brought vividly to life by two-time Oscar winner Glenda Jackson. Glenda Jackson! Nuff said.

La casquette (The hat) Director: Hadi Moussally France
Hadi stares at the camera and begins to get dressed. He wears a double stigmatizing hat – gay & Arab. What to do with this weight?

BOUNDLESS Director: David Chai USA
Come swim with us through the limitless pools of our trans and nonbinary spirits.

The Domino Effect Director: Joy Leaper Australia
Domino is the Quiz Queen everyone needs in their life. She’s pretty, funny, kind and she’s smart too. Anyone who meets Domino, walks away with a smile. It’s called the Domino Effect.

to my next lover Director: Kieran Charnock New Zealand
A poet forewarns their next lover of what lies ahead. Based on the poem by Paula Harris

4pm Short Tales Drama and Comedy

Part two of the Bendigo Queer Film Festival International Short Film Competition, featuring drama and narrative comedy. Once again our intrepid reviewers have scoured the globe for the latest queer stories.

MASSIMO Director: Matteo Bianchi Italy
Massimo faces the tender, dramatic and ineffable world of sexuality.

Uninvited Director Emily James Australia
A young woman tries inviting her affair partner to her home while a seemingly innocent prank by her girlfriend becomes sinister.

Valiente (Brave) Director: Miguel Melo Mexico
When Victor’s partner arrives at his house for what seems to be a perfect date, he finds the courage to disclose his HIV status.

Hen Director: Alice Tovey Australia
When a non-binary Gem attends their cis mate’s hen’s night, the girlies turn from bubbly bridesmaids to cock hungry demons. A surreal and hilarious exploration of Hetero culture.

Ladybugs Director: Ariella Jelic Australia
Two eccentric friends living in a nursing home co-opt a secret operation after discovering they share something special in common.

Deadwater Directed by kamran mohammadi, sahar mirzaeianfar Iran
A lesbian couple, one Iranian, and the other Afghan desperately run through a forest, forced to leave the country to escape execution.

I Can’t Forget Him Director: Kevin Kai Wing Yiu Hong Kong
A young rent-boy GaGa goes on a vacation at Lamma island with his drug dealer best friend during Dragon Boat Festival, but the trip turns haywire. A  modern romantic comedy, fantasy and folktale that marries Hong Kong superstitious tradition and local queer culture.

Privilegiada Director: Alex de la Croix Sao Tome and Principe
Olga and Dolores spend an afternoon at the swimming pool discussing women’s rights. This leads Olga to the conclusion that the privileges they supposedly once had as a “normative person” have disappeared. How does she regain them? She sets off to find out

My Summer in the Human Resistance Director: Steve Anthopoulos Australia
A socially awkward young man is happy to live in a world ruled by robots, but his life is upended when he falls for a handsome anti-robot revolutionary.

Tabanca Director: Lauren Marsden Canada
Dampened by office life during a wet Vancouver winter, a genderqueer Trinidadian woman, Marlinn, misses out on the chance to celebrate Carnival season back home. Until, one night, they discover that the power of masquerade is within them no matter where they are.

Why not both? Director: Mansoor Noor Australia
A bisexual man’s strict dating criteria backfires when he finds himself dating two people who seem very similar

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