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“My Other Closet the Cabaret” is the true story of one man’s experience of intimate partner violence in a same-sex relationship and his road to recovery. Russ, a father of 3 now in his 60’s, takes us on a musical journey through the story of his life. Beginning in a Melbourne gay bar in the 1970’s, we follow Russ’s queer journey through a 17 year straight marriage, and into his first same-sex relationship; a relationship riddled with extreme violence, psychological and emotional abuse, manipulation, and control…

But wait! This story can and does have a happy ending! We follow Russ as he finds the courage to proclaim “this is not what love looks like” in a moving process of healing, with the help of his first love; Music.

Woven with stories from his past and a sprinkling of jazz and crooner re-workings of classic pop songs such as “Love on the Rocks”, “Help!”, and “I Will Survive” (with the help of accomplished composer & musician, Daryl Wallis), “My Other Closet the Cabaret” is a true story of intimate partner violence told from an insider’s perspective. .Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes heart-wrenching, this layered performance leaves the audience with a lasting impression and creates dialogue and discussion about an issue too rarely discussed.

The message of “My Other Closet: The Cabaret” is:  Everyone deserves to feel safe, and to love and to be loved without fear. Everyone.  

All proceeds are being donated to a local LGBTIQA+ youth group

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